Saturday, January 17, 2009


We're currently in the studio recording our 11 song LP entitled "...To The Beat Of A Dead Horse". It's being recorded by our friend Alex Estrada at

I'd love to post the real track list, but since I'm a terrible procrastinator, I have yet to title all the songs properly. It sounds absolutely amazing thus far.


The night before anxiety kicked in worse than it's been in months. I came into the studio with 90 minutes of sleep in my system. Clayton picked me up at 10:00am for our 10:30am studio rendezvous. Z and Alex had already arrived and were starting to set up. We came baring caffeinated gifts and looks of excitement to get this thing underway.

I suppose now is as good of time as any to let everyone know that Z is no longer in Touche Amore. He was nice enough to agree to record. We don't have anyone lined up to replace him at the moment, but when it comes time to start that journey, we'll make it known.

Anyways... So Alex and Z knocked out all 11 songs in 4 1/2 hours. The drum sounds/tones are insane! This is seriously off to the best start possibly. Tomorrow Nick will do bass followed by Clayton doing his guitar tracks.